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Rantings From Some Girl...

Named Laura!!!

9 July 1987
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UPDATED 4/3/09
Most of my Entries are Friend Only.

I'm Laura. Laura = martial arts instructor, plant nerd, sexual abuse survivor, girl friend, daughter, sister, cat owner, and I fit my sign to a "T"... Imma Cancer = emotional, intutive, empathetic, passionate, creative, and shy.

Plants are my new hobby/ means of escape/ means of meditation. I've been working with plants and learning about them for over two years now. I use to kill plants all the time, but my boy friend taught me some plant basics and I've taken off! I just find them so calming, and I love the variety and endless possibilities.

My collection consist of one big peace lily, one big chinese evergreen, lucky bamboo, four orchids, six indoor bonsai, one brown spiderwart, aloe vera, three lithops, and two baby tropical pitcher plants. Outside... I'm growing herbs from seed, have two outdoor bonsai, growing a potato plant from a potato, growing daffodils and paper whites from bulbs, and I'm growing strawberries.

I've been in tae kwon do for almost eight years. I'm a second degree black belt, and I'll be testing for my third dan in a year. I love to spar, but I like the forms/ kata better. My favorite weapon is the escrima stick.

I've been teaching tae kwon do for almost six years. I love it... I care about my students so much. I've also started an adapted class for kids with high functioning autism and other disabilities. It is going fantastic... we already have over 40 students! My friend Robin, who is a ABA therpist, helps me with that class.

I've been with my boyfriend, Francis, for over three years. He is awesome, and the most unique person I've ever met. We've been through a lot together, and we live together right now. It's going well. We've both been through a lot growing up. So, we understand each other and can get through to each other the way no one else can. I love him so much. =-)

I have two kitties. A four year old main coon mix named Gabriel. He's big and fluffy. Then, I have a little female kitten, who is about nine/ ten months old. Her name is Tatum, she is just a tabby mix. She's really tiny though.

I love soccer, coffee... drawing is another hobby. It's a fantastic outlet. I love creating things. I also very into natural/ herbal means of treatment and medicinal uses.

I'm really close to my dad, younger sister, and two older half sisters. I'm not very close to my mom. She has lots of issues, and we have a lot of differences.

Addictions = coffee, chocolate, plants, and cleaning. lol.

I guess that's 'bout it!